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The National Land Survey (NLS) provides services on the internet and at 35 service points throughout the country. Our customers include landowners, real estate agents and hikers, as well as people planning to buy a summer cottage.

The National Land Survey provides:

  • property information
  • cadastral surveys
  • registration issues such as titles and mortgages
  • copies of documents related to cadastral surveys and registration issues
  • printed maps and publications
  • map printouts
  • digital products
  • public purchase witnessing
  • ICT-services

The NLS contact information

Property information

You can contact the National Land Survey to obtain information about a property anywhere in Finland.

The National Land Survey provides:

  • cadastral certificates and cadastral index map printouts
  • certificates of title and certificates of mortgages and encumbrances
  • information about property owners
  • information about the encumbrances, rights and shares in joint property units of a property
  • information about completed property purchases

For more information about prices see the price list (in Finnish)

Cadastral surveys

Primarily, applications for cadastral surveys and their enclosures should be submitted to the following addresses: Maanmittauslaitos / Toimitushakemukset, PL 1006, 00521 HELSINKI


For more information about applying for cadastral surveys and survey prices, please visit our web site or contact our customer service or your surveyor at the cadastral survey meeting.

 All legal surveys

Property registration issues

Please submit your application for registration of title and mortgages to one of our centralised post addresses for registration issues. You can also bring your application to one of the NLS service points.

An application for a registration of title must be submitted within six months of the date of signature of the deed of sale or other title deed. A mortgage application can be submitted at the same time. If needed, the National Land Survey provides more information about applying for registrations of title and mortgages.

More information about registrations of title and mortgages

Copies of documents related to cadastral surveys and registration issues

Copies of documents related to cadastral surveys and registration issues which have been archived in the Archive Centre of the NLS can be ordered from our customer service.

Printed maps and publications

The National Land Survey sells various map products.

The most popular map produced by the NLS is the printed Basic Map 1:20 000 / 1:25 000. The first basic map was printed 60 years ago. Another popular map is the Topographic Map 1:50 000. Both basic and topographic maps are available throughout Finland.

NLS publications as well as maps and atlases by other publishers are also available at the NLS customer service.

Map and aerial image printouts

If your homestead or summer cottage happens to be in a difficult position at the edge of a map sheet, you can order a map printout that covers the entire area. The coverage area and scale of such custom printout maps are selected by the customer.

You can also select the area you want yourself and order a printout via the MapSite.

In addition to maps, the NLS customer service provides aerial images  as files.

Digital products

Digital versions of NLS maps and aerial images are available in digital format. These datesets are primarily intended for professional users.

More information about our digital products

Public purchase witnessing

Land surveyors from the NLS also act as public purchase witnesses.

More information about public purchase witnessing