Web services

Karelian maps
The internet service Karjalan Kartat (Karelian maps) provides users with a chance to browse maps of the Karelian Isthmus and Ladoga Karelia regions drawn up before 1939 by the Board of Land Survey and the Topographic corps.
The service offers you an access to the NLS topographic maps. You can search for maps from the whole of Finland by place names and coordinates, among others. In more accurate scales, you can also choose an aerial image as the background. Citizen’s MapSite is intended for private persons. It’s accessible to all and free of charge. The use of the service doesn’t require registration.


Datasets free of charge
The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) has opened some of its datasets to be used free of charge with extensive access rights. What can be used free of charge are place name products and general map products in scales 1:1 000 000 and 1:4 500 000 in vector and raster format. The datasets can be used for private and commercial purposes, be published, further licensed and attached to other products and services.
Digital products
The sources used for providing the National Land Survey’s digital products are the data sets collected in the Topographic database and the Cadastre. Digital data products are delivered in the most common spatial data formats, generally in vector and raster form. Products can be acquired in desired sizes, either covering the entire country or parts of it (municipality and map sheet).
Interface services
The interface service allows obtaining up-to-date data directly from the information providers. Thus, you do not have to acquire the data sets yourself and worry about storing and updating the data. The interface service provides your application with: Property information, Topographic maps and aerial photographs, Nomenclatures and Building information. More detailed descriptions and technical data of the interface services are available only...


Place of Memory
The National Land Survey of Finland’s history website, www.mapscroll.fi, will take you through five centuries of land survey in Finland, describing their impact on the land and its inhabitants. The www.mapscroll.fi website is the memory of land survey.