Digital maps

Digital map products provided by the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) are included in national basic products. The NLS produces such products for authorities and citizens requiring basic maps. The NLS printed maps and map printouts are also provided using digital map data.

Purpose of the products

Digital map products are used for various purposes. For consumers the products are mostly seen in the variety of Internet-based map services and also in the products intended to aid in finding one's way in the terrain, such as GPS devices. Authorities and companies use NLS digital map products as background material for planning and raw material for further processing or in different production stages within forest industry.

Topographic Database as the source of products and printouts

The Topographic Database is a basic databank and the source of the most accurate and uniform information for map products, covering the entire country. The NLS digital and printed topographic and basic map products and printouts are mostly or completely based on the Topographic Database.