Map products

The National Land Survey provides you with maps for different purposes. You can view topographic maps and aerial photographs on the MapSite. The MapSite also shows cadastral boundary lines.

You can download topographic maps and aerial photographs in digital format from the NLS File service of open data.

Maps for hiking and leisure

Suitable maps for people who spend time in the terrain are the Basic map and the more general Topographic map.

The area on map printouts can be defined in line with your wishes - you may select map size, area and scale. It is very suitable for hunting purposes, for example.

Book stores all over the country sell travel maps, road maps, guide maps and nautical charts. There are also map stores on the web.

For people interested in history

  • You can download old basic maps from our Old printed maps online service.
  • In our Karjalan kartat (Maps of Karelia) online service, you can view maps of the Karelian areas that were handed over to Russia.
  • In the National Land Survey's Archives, there are documents and maps related to cadastral surveys from the 18th century onwards.
  • The National Land Survey has published various printed maps already since the end of the 19th century. Maps from the time of Finnish independence are available from the National Land Survey's Archives, older maps at the National Archives or at the National Library.