The NLS benchmark register contains information about nationwide control points and benchmarks. The marks are mainly horizontal and elevation benchmarks measured by the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). In addition, the benchmark register contains horizontal and elevation benchmarks in class I measured by the Finnish Geodetic Institute. The benchmark register also includes some benchmarks measured by other agencies.

Measuring methods

  • Triangulation has previously been used for measuring horizontal control points and since the middle of 1980’s satellite surveying (GPS/GNSS measuring) is used.
  • Levelling is used to determine the elevation benchmarks.

Coordinate and elevation systems

The coordinate systems of the benchmarks stored in the benchmark register are the national grid coordinate system (KKJ) and EUREF-FIN coordinate system (geographic coordinates and horizontal coordinates in the ETRS-TM35FIN coordinate system)

  •  height / elevation systems are N60 and N2000.

For more information, please contact us

Within the NLS, control surveys are carried out by the South Finland District Survey Office, which is also responsible for maintaining the system of horizontal control points and benchmarks. The unit also provides expert and measurement services related to geodetic measurements as well as coordinate and height systems to order. For more information about benchmarks, please contact:

Elevation benchmarks and levelling:
Matti Musto tel. 020 541 5461, 040 779 3718

Horizontal control points and GPS measurement:
Jyrki Puupponen


For more information about benchmarks, please contact the South Finland District Survey Office (orders and price list) or the customer service of District Survey Offices throughout the country or go to the Professional’s MapSite.

Benchmark orders

As regards benchmarks, report cards or coordinate data can be ordered. A benchmark report card includes all information about the benchmark. Coordinate data comprise the benchmark’s number, coordinates and height. In addition, a printout of the index map can be ordered portraying all horizontal or height benchmarks within the area.



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