The service offers you an access to the topographic maps, aerial images and background maps produced by the National Land Survey of Finland. You can search for maps from the whole of Finland by place names and coordinates, among others. In more accurate scales, you can also choose an aerial image as the background. More exact scales also show property boundaries and property identifiers.

In addition to the map search, there are many other features in the service. Using the function “Transform coordinates”, you can transform coordinates in different coordinate systems into other systems. The function “Create map link” allows you to send information to your friends, for instance about the location of your cottage. A link sent by e-mail shows the location of the selected object on the map.

Through the service you can order various printed map products. Besides topographic and basic maps, you can order map printouts. You can choose the area you want to print out as well as the size and scale of it. The print is not conditional on the map sheet division.

MapSite is intended for private persons. It’s accessible to all and free of charge. The use of the service doesn’t require registration.

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