Datasets free of charge

The National Land Survey (NLS) has made its topographic datasets available to the public and to companies to be used freely and free of charge on 1 May 2012. The open data products can be used without compensation and with extensive and permanent rights of use.

NLS orthophotos, elevation models and The Topographic database and as well as various raster and vector maps based on it are some examples of  our open data products.

List of the NLS open digital data products

How to acquire the open data?

Datasets free of charge is available for download via Open data file download service. The datasets are also available by order. In that case the delivery costs will be charged.

Open datasets are available in various file formats. In order to view and edit a dataset, you need a program that can process the file format in question. To view, for example,  maps in vector format, you need GIS software. You can open image material such as topographic maps in raster format and aerial photographs in image editing software.

Read more about the Acquisition of NLS open data

Viewing without charge on the Mapsite and Paikkatietoikkuna

The NLS maps and aerial photographs have been available for free viewing online for some time. On the Mapsite you can search maps covering all of Finland by place names and coordinates. You can also print map images for your own private use.

In addition to the NLS datasets the Paikkatietoikkuna (spatial dataset window) includes datasets of several data providers that you are able to view together or separately in the map window of the service.