Open data licence

Terms valid at the time of acquisition apply to the data.

If you have acquired data before 1 May 2012 and wish that the new terms of use of the National Land Survey (NLS) open data licence shall apply to the data follow the instructions below:

  • If the product contains data provided by the Finnish Transport Agency, you must acquire a new, open version of the data.
  • If not, all you need is a new open data licence. Please contact myynti(at), so that we, if necessary, can deliver the new open data and let us know that you have changed to the new open data licence.

Terms of use and permits to publish for topographic data products acquired before 1 May 2012

If you are using NLS topographic data products and their right of use remains valid after 30.4.2012, the terms of use remain unchanged unless you switch to the open versions of the products. The right to use the data is valid for the validity period (usually a year from the date of acquisition) of the current licence. When the licence is no longer valid it cannot be renewed in its current form, instead, depending on the product, you must either acquire open data and a licence or an open data licence (see above).

The Topographic database and other products in scale 1:5 000 - 1:10 000 in raster or vector format, which have been acquired before 1 May 2012 contain Finnish Transport Agency data that will not opened. The NLS no longer grants permissions to publish such data after 1 May 2012. If you wish to publish, you will have to acquire a version of the dataset without the data provided by the Finnish Transport Agency as well as a new open data licence. Other datasets can be published in accordance with the open data licence.

More information about data provided by the Finnish Transport Agency

More information about licences: myynti(at)