Terms of use/licence of the datasets free of charge

Open data terms of use/licence until 30 April 2012. Terms valid at the time of acquisition apply to the data. 


The provider of the datasets and the holder of copyright and database protection is the National Land Survey of Finland (hereinafter the NLS).

The user refers to a person or an organization that starts using the datasets protected by this licence.

The licence applies to dataset products free of charge.

When using the datasets, the dataset or the service containing or utilizing it, must be provided with the original source and the annual dataset version, for instance:
© NLS, 2011


with the text: contains data from the NLS General map 1:1 000 000, 2011.

When receiving data, the user accepts the terms of this licence.

Licence terms

Right of use

This licence grants a worldwide, irrevocable parallel right of use that is free of charge and allows the datasets above to be freely used for:

  • copying and distributing
  • editing and utilizing commercially by further licensing 
  • combining with other products 
  • employing as a part of applications or services

Duties and responsibilities of the user

The user must when using the datasets or products made of the datasets and when handing them over:

  • Indicate the NLS copyright to the datasets concerned in accordance with what is said in section ‘General’.
  • Make sure that the licence terms are observed when granting licences to products or services, in which the datasets, in whole or in part, are used.  
  • Delete the reference to the original source, if the NLS specifically requires.

This licence does not create a cooperation or business relation between the user and the NLS. The user cannot when using the datasets indicate that the NLS supports or recommends such a way of use.

Duties and responsibilities of the NLS

The datasets are licensed as such and the NLS is not responsible for errors that possibly occur in the datasets or for the direct and indirect damage resulting from the use of the datasets. The NLS does not guarantee that the datasets are accurate or up-to-date.

The NLS does not guarantee that the datasets are constantly available, and the NLS can terminate the distribution of the datasets without prior notice.

Applicable legislation

Finnish legislation is applied to this licence.

Alterations to the licence

The NLS is entitled to alter the terms of the free of charge licence or apply a separate licence to the datasets. However, the terms of this free of charge licence are still applied to the datasets which were already in use when the licence was altered.