Open data file download service

The open data file download service is a self-service for downloading maps. You can select the products you want, their format and coordinate system as well as the area they cover. After having selected the product, you will receive a message containing a link to an Internet address where you can download the products you have selected.

  • Select the product to be downloaded from the list
  • On the map, select the map sheets covering the area containing the datasets you want
  • Type your e-mail address to receive the link to the download page
  • Download the files you have ordered using the links on the download page

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Products in the file download service

Products in the file download service are only available in the ETRS-TM35FIN coordinate system 

productversion, informationfile formatsLaser scanning dataground type classification using stereo modelsLAZTopographic map raster 1:50 000printing colours (pixel size 2 m)TIFFBasic map rasterprinting colours, background colour (pixel size 1 m) TIFFTopographic databaseall objects, roads with addressesGML, shape, mifTopographic map 1:100 000all objectsshape, mifTopographic map raster 1:100 000printing coloursTIFFTopographic map 1:250 000all objectsshape, mifTopgraphic map raster 1:250 000printing coloursTIFFTopographic map raster 1:500 000printing coloursPNGOrthophotosortho in colour, colour-infraredJP2Elevation model 2 mheight system N2000Geotiff, ascii gridElevation model 10 mheight system N2000Geotiff, ascii gridElevation zones rasterpixel sizes: 32 m, 64 m, 128 m, 512 mPNGShaded relief rasterpixel sizes: 2 m, 8 m, 32 m, 64 m, 128 m, 512 mPNGBackground map series1:5 000, 1:10 000, 1:20 000, 1:40 000, 1:80 000, 1:160 000, 1:320 000, 1:800 000, 1:2 M, 1:4 M, 1:8 MPNGGeneral Map 1:1 Mall featuresshape, mifGeneral Map 1:4,5 Mall featuresshape, mifGeneral Map raster 1:1 Mprinting coloursPNGGeneral Map raster 1:2 Mprinting coloursPNGGeneral Map raster 1:4,5 Mprinting coloursPNGGeneral Map raster 1:8 Mprinting coloursPNGPlace Namesplace names, map names 1:25 000, 1:100 000, 1:250 000, 1:500 000, 1:1 M, 1:2 M, 1:4,5 M, 1:8 MGML, txt placesGMLMunicipal Division1:10 000, 1:100 000, 1:250 000, 1:1 M, 1:4,5 MGML, PNG

  Other datasets can be ordered from Sales - Digital data (plus handling charges)

Unpacking files

  • Laser scanning data is compressed in LAZ-format. Use laszip.exe, available from to unpack the files.
  • Orthophotos is compressed in JP2-format. 
  • Other data is compressed in zip-format (filename ends in .zip) and may be unpacked with any compression application available online.

Updating files

Datasets are updated at least once a year. New orthophotos and laser scanning data classified using stereo models will be included in the service as soon as they are completed. The Topographic database's GML file format is updated continuously and the plan is to continuously update the Basic map raster as well. A change in the data is included in an updated file in the download service within a week. The download page shows the date of the last update for each file.