Cadastral surveys

The National Land Survey carries out various cadastral surveys.


Parcelling is often linked with property transactions. Parcelling is automatically initiated once an unseparated parcel has obtained registration of title. An unseparated parcel is formed into an independent real property unit in a parcelling. Read more about parcelling.

Boundary demarcation survey

If you want to find lost boundary markers or locate unclear boundaries, you need a boundary demarcation survey. Read more about boundary demarcation (in Finnish).

Private road survey

You need a private road survey when you want to clarify the road connections of a real property unit that you own. Read more about private road surveys (in Finnish).

Expropriation of alluvial areas

If an alluvial area has formed in front of a property, the owner of the property or alluvial area can apply for expropriation thereof. Read more about expropriation of alluvial areas (in Finnish).

Land exchange

Through land exchange it is possible to improve the location of land by exchanging land areas between real property units. Land exchange is voluntary and based on a contract between property owners. Read more about land exchange (in Finnish).


Partitioning is done when the joint owners of a real property unit wish to divide it up between themselves. Even one of the co-owners of a real property unit can apply for partitioning, if his or her co-ownership share is known (e.g. 1/3) and he or she holds title to it. Read more about partitioning (in Finnish).

Other cadastral surveys

Other cadastral surveys include easement surveys and the expropriation of a part of a plot or building site in an area covered by a local detailed plan. Select a cadastral survey in the menu on the left to read more about it.