ICT Services of Mitpa

Centre for ICT Services (Mitpa) provides government agencies under the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with sector-specific IT services. Mitpa builds information systems supporting the operations of customer agencies in IT projects. It maintains systems owned by customer agencies and conducts small development duties related to the systems as well as administers the shared technical environment of the information systems.

In development duties, Mitpa aims to utilise the existing compatible IT solutions within the central government as well as technical subsystems developed by Mitpa for the administrative branch. The aim is to create as well compatible as possible information systems in a cost-effective and to pay attention to the shared needs of the administrative branch.

Mitpa will also provide ICT expert services to government agencies in the administrative branch. Customer agencies may source consulting services from Mitpa, for example, for the management of the overall architecture or preparation of ICT projects.