For exhibitors

GIS Expo 2019

Time: 18–19 November 2019
Venue: Messukeskus Siipi, Helsinki

Exhibitors have the opportunity of holding one information bulletin free of charge either on the first or the second day of the exhibition. The number of slots for information bulletins is limited. You can book an information bulletin slot as soon as you have booked an exhibition space. Instructions on booking and a link to the booking calendar will be sent with the booking confirmation.

What's new?

  • Are you intererested in collecting leads? You can do that at GIS Expo. Let us know about your interest on the sign-up form and we will contact you.
  • The floor plan of the exhibition has been renewed, some parts of the exhibition hall have a ceiling height of ten metres or more!
  • The distance between event rooms and exhibition spaces is short.
  • This time, we are asking exhibitors for necessary information when signing up for the exhibition. This means less work for the exhibitor during the busy autumn. The information includes a logo and a short description of your company and the number of printed invitation cards you are ordering.


Eliisa Nylén, puh. 050 594 5229