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ATS is a FARO Laser Scanner Re-seller in Finland and Scandinavia, and offer 3D high-accuracy scanning solutions in constructions, buildings and automotive & process industry.  ATS is also the creators of Traceable 3D, the reference system you need!

Mon 18th Nov, at 11–11.25 AM
Hall 207

Faro 3D-laserkeilain ja ATS Traceable 3D: työkalut tehokkaaseen tiedonkeruuseen,
myyntiedustaja Kalle Tammi


Bitcomp Oy

Bitcomp Oy is an expert in location information and enterprise resource planning systems. Among the products and services we provide are thematic and summary maps and material services. In addition to analyses, our special strengths are in lightweight, spatial data-based mobile solutions.

Mon 18th Nov, at 11–11.25 AM

Avaruusdataan pohjautuvat analyysit ja asiakasviestintä - metsätuhot aisoihin, myyntijohtaja Jani Heikkilä


Blom Kartta Oy, Terratec Oy

Blom Kartta is Finland’s leading collector, processor and modeller of spatial data. We’ll tell you exactly where all the things that are most important to you can be found– even those not visible to the naked eye.

Mon 18th Nov, at 2–2.25 PM
Hall 206

Tiedonkeruumenetelmät infrahankkeiden maastomallien tuotannossa



CGI is Finland’s spatial data expert. Thanks to our lengthy expertise in working with spatial data in various industries, we are exceptionally well placed to understand our customers. We have the expertise to process customers’ data as part of overall business operations, and we can help create added value using spatial data.

Mon 18th Nov, at 3.30–3.55 PM

Paikkatietoa yli maarajojen, Business Development Director Tapio Siltala



Advanced electronic and high-tech solutions for demanding conditions – from space to the seabed. The company is also presenting a satellite positioning system (iSNS) tested in combat and immune to radio interference.

Mon 18th Nov, at 10–10.25 AM
Hall 207



Digiroad is a national data system that brings together the central line geometry of the entire Finnish road and street network, as well as key characteristic data. Digiroad offers comprehensive, unified views of the traffic network in digital form. The data enables the development and commercialisation of various services for route planning, navigation, travel and traffic telematics.

Mon 18th Nov, at 1.30–1.55 PM
Hall 207

Tieliikennelaki 2020 ja tiestöaineiston uudet tuulet, kehittämispäällikkö Matti Pesu


Esri Finland Oy

Welcome to our stand to learn about our innovative dmCity solution and the latest developments and trends related to the ArcGIS spatial data platform, as well as our diverse services. Be sure to participate in the lottery as well!

Mon 18th Nov, at 10.30–10.55 AM

Yhteentoimivat paikkatiedot, CTO Ilkka Suojanen


Geolaser Oy

Geolaser provides expert services to customers in the land surveying, spatial data and building measurement sectors. A precise tool SatLab RTK GIS for measurement, GeoMax robots, XPad Ultimate Android application, Carlson laser scanners for rock construction.

Mon 18th Nov, at 3–3.25 PM
Hall 206

Käsi-RTK ja Android – Kaikki yhdessä, tuotepäällikkö Matti Leinonen


Geometrix Oy

Geometrix produces map-based ERP, asset management and information collection solutions for field and office use. The company’s geographic information product enhances your mobile work and reporting.


Geotrim Oy

Equipment and software for surveying, GNSS positioning, geographic information applications, as well as mobile and UAS mapping. Latest technology on display: Trimble, GeoSLAM, YellowScan, Propeller and GeoDrone.

Mon 18th Nov, at 12.30–12.55 PM


Helsingin kaupunki / Helsinki Region Infoshare

Helsinki Region Infoshare is an open data service for municipalities in the metropolitan area. Open spatial data and other materials can also be freely used for business purposes. The data is available through interfaces and as files.

Mon 18th Nov, at 1–1.25 PM

Miten avoin data auttaa arjessa pääkaupunkiseudulla? Erityissuunnittelija Outi Hermans


Ilmatieteen laitos / The Finnish Meteorlogical Institute

The stand presents the Space and Earth Observation Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, its services and data. In addition, the stand presents the activities of the Copernicus User Forum supporting the Copernicus programme and collects user experience, wishes and development proposals.

Mon 18th Nov, at 1.30–1.55 PM



The Infrakit cloud service makes it easy to view and share up-to-date information about the progress of infrastructure projects on desktop and mobile devices. Projects are completed faster, quality is better and fewer mistakes occur in projects–all of which adds up to savings on construction costs.

Mon 18th Nov, at 10.30–10.55 AM
Hall 206

Infrahankkeiden digitalisointi, kehityspäällikkö Ilkka Tieaho


Karttatiimi Oy

Karttatiimi has over 25 years of experience in the creation and maintenance of guide maps for municipalities and plan combinations.  In our map service, we publish municipal spatial data sets and distribute materials through interfaces to other services.



Karttaselain (AccelBit Oy)

The map browser is the most popular terrain map programme in Finland for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of features for using spatial data in addition to its high-precision data and materials related to terrain and forest resources.

Mon 18th Nov, at 12.30–12.55 AM
Hall 206

Karttaselaimen Metsävara-palvelu, kehityspäällikkö Hannu Karvonen


Kauko Oy

Kauko produces innovations and provides seamlessly operating equipment and software for top field work professionals. The company is an expert in demanding work environments. We supply reliable Panasonic Toughbook computers for professionals carrying out terrain and field work. At the exhibition, the company presents the latest hardware models with accessories, as well as models with integrated 3D cameras and software.

Mon 18th Nov, at 3–3.25 PM


Keypro Oy

Drawing on nearly 200 years of experience in measuring the world, Leica Geosystems (now part of Hexagon) creates comprehensive solutions for professionals worldwide. Professionals in many fields, such as the aviation, military, security, construction and manufacturing sectors, rely for all their spatial data needs on Leica Geosystems, which is widely regarded for the quality of its products and its continual development of innovative solutions. With its precise and accurate instruments, advanced software programmes and reliable services, Leica Geosystems brings added value every day to those who are working to build the future.



Leica Geosystems Oy

Drawing on nearly 200 years of experience in measuring the world, Leica Geosystems (now part of Hexagon) creates comprehensive solutions for professionals worldwide. Professionals in many fields, such as the aviation, military, security, construction and manufacturing sectors, rely for all their spatial data needs on Leica Geosystems, which is widely regarded for the quality of its products and its continual development of innovative solutions. With its precise and accurate instruments, advanced software programmes and reliable services, Leica Geosystems brings added value every day to those who are working to build the future.

Mon 18th Nov, at 1–1.25 PM
Hall 206

Leica Geosystemsin laserkeilaimet, Market Segment Manager Vahur Joala


Maanmittauslaitos / National Land Survey of Finland

National Land Survey of Finland develops its services together with its clients. Welcome to our stand.

Mon 18th Nov, at 2–2.55 PM

Panel: MML kädet savessa – Katse tämän hetken hankkeisiin 

Tue 19th Nov, at 11 AM –1.55 PM
Hall 207

Multiple bulletins



Metsähovin geodeettinen tutkimusasema

The Metsähovi research station of the National Land Survey of Finland has all the important instruments for making geodetic measurements. The stations, such as Metsähovi, form a global network of basic geodetic stations which is used for determining ITRF, the most accurate global reference system possible.

The Metsähovi station is also a base station in the EUREF-FIN reference system and a part of FinnRef, the permanent national GNSS network. The main reference points of the national elevation system N2000 and the gravity network are located at Metsähovi, where mainly researchers of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute are working.


Mon 18th Nov, at 10–10.25 AM
Hall 207



Mitta Oy

The Mitta group is a Finnish international measurement consultancy company established in 1989. Mitta operates in the building value chain and is the market leader in its field in Finland. The company’s business units are  surveying, drilling, geolaboratory services, and environment and energy services. Mitta employs approximately 450 specialists in more than 30 localities throughout Finland and Sweden.


Nordic Geo Center Oy

Nordic Geo Center is a Finnish specialist in laser scanning and training in this area and is an importer of RIEGL laser scanners. The company has over 20 years of experience in laser scanning on land, in the air and in mobile usage.


Mon 18th Nov, at 11–11.25 AM

Liikkuvat kartoitusjärjestelmien testit julkisia kilpailutuksia varten, Nina Heiska ja Veli-Pekka Puheloinen


Novatron Oy3D-system Oy

Novatron Oy is a Finnish expert in digital infrastructure construction. The company develops, produces and supplies machine control systems for civil engineering sites and provides training services for all stages of digitalised work sites. Novatron’s Xsite® PAD site tablet, designed for the needs of supervisors and employees taking measurements, is presented at the GIS trade fair.

3D-system Oy is a Finnish software house in the land survey sector. The company specialises in the design and production of high-class software products for measurement, GIS, map and planning needs. We invite interested parties to visit our stand to discuss with Novatron’s and 3D-Win’s experts.

Mon 18th Nov, at 11.30–11.55 AM


OSGeo Suomi ry

The association promotes the development of open-source spatial data software for the common good, and publicly advocates for the extensive use of such software.

Mon 18th Nov, at 11.30–11.55 AM
Hall 206

Avoimen lähdekoodin ohjelmistot kaikille - ilmaiseksi, Varapuheenjohtaja Marko Kauppi, OSGeo



Gispo Oy is a Finnish company in the GIS sector, with a mission of promoting the development and utilisation of open source code and open data. 



Codento is an experienced and agile software development and system consultancy partner for product development, IT management and business operations. We will help your company develop software packages, using modern tools and methods.



Oskari software provides easy-to-use tools for utilising GI interface services.


Paikkatietoalusta / Geospatial platform

The Geospatial Platform provides uniformity for the geographic information of the State and regional governments, provinces and municipalities. The project develops, in cooperation with the parties concerned, common determinations, tools and support services for making geographic information available to the ecosystems of society for their utilisation.



Paikkatietoikkuna is a national geoportal that promotes the shared use of geographic information and brings together over 1,600 map levels from different producers of information. Paikkatietoikkuna serves both professional and amateur users.

Mon 18th Nov, at 2.30–2.55 PM
Hall 207

Paikkatietoikkuna 10 vuotta, sovellusasiantuntija Teemu Saloriutta



Posimo Oy introduces a new type of technology for positioning, more agile and open and less expensive. The company wants more parties to be able to utilise positioning, and in a more versatile manner. Posimo provides solutions for land survey, construction and collection of geographic information.



Simosol Oy

Simosol provides forestry information systems for both the Finnish and international markets. Our system operates as a counting engine for all forested hectares in Finland, and our customers include Metsä Group and Stora Enso.

Mon 18th Nov, at 12–12.25 PM

Metsät ja hiili, mitä avoin data niistä meille kertoo? Business Development Manager Juho Penttilä


Sitowise Oy

Sitowise employs 1,500 professionals in design, expert and digital services for the built environment. We are the largest Finnish-owned construction engineering and consultancy company, with unmatched expertise in urban multi-disciplinary projects, research-based management and data modelling. We have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations and provide comprehensive services for the entire construction lifecycle.

Mon 18th Nov, at 11–11.25 AM


Skydata Oy

Finland’s most experienced supplier of drone solutions with over 10 years’ experience in the supply of customer-oriented solutions in Finland. The service concept of Skydata covers training, consultancy, technical photography services and DJI Enterprise equipment solutions. The company operates throughout Finland through its cooperation network.


Spatialworld Oy

Together with our partners, we offer world-class software applications and expertise based on Smallworld technology. The software helps our customers design, build, operate and manage complex device networks. The applications are built on object-oriented technology tested in customer environments. They are easy to integrate with other business applications in the customer’s organisation for seamless information flow.  Spatialworld Oy is also a reseller of Safe Software feature manipulation engine (FME) products.

Mon 18th Nov, at 11–11.25 AM
Hall 206



Spatineo is a specialist in quality assurance for spatial data services. We offer solutions for monitoring, analysing and developing the quality, operation and use of spatial data services, and for improving the spatial maturity of various types of organisations. We also provide solutions for verifying the value of spatial data services and effectiveness in our projects. Drop by our stand and we will help you determine the real impact of your organisation’s spatial data!

Mon 18th Nov, at 11.30–11.55 AM

Jo 30 vuotta on pohdittu onko paikkatiedolla todellista vaikuttavuutta - Spatineon menetelmät todistavat vaikuttavuuden, myyntipäällikkö Jaana Mäkelä


Suomen metsäkeskus

The Finnish Forest Centre collects and distributes data related to Finnish forests. The information is distributed both as open forest data and processed data products. Drop by our stand to share your development ideas!

Mon 18th Nov, at 1–1.25 PM
Hall 207

Metsätieto rikastuttaa toimintaasi, metsätietoasiantuntija Juha Inkilä


Terrasolid Oy

Terrasolid Oy is a Finnish software house that concentrates on developing, marketing and selling of planning and data processing software for infrastructure and surveying sectors. Terrasolid is a global market leader in the aircraft and helicopter based laser scanning data processing software. Terrasolid is selling software licenses to over 100 countries and the number of sold licenses is about 10,000. 

Mon 18th Nov, at 2–2.25 PM
Hall 207

Maastosta malliin Terrasolidin työkaluilla


Topgeo Oy

Topgeo Oy specialises in land and building measurement and positioning solutions. We distribute products made by Topcon Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. Topcon’s product ranges include all types of equipment used in the industry, such as levelling instruments, digital levelling instruments, theodolites, laser levellers and tube levellers, machine control systems, tacheometers, servo tacheometers, and GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellite positioning systems. Topgeo Oy was founded in 1987, making it the longest -established importer of surveying and construction measuring instruments for the Finnish market.

Mon 18th Nov, at 1.30–1.55 PM
Hall 206


Trimble Solutions Oy, Geotrim Oy

Trimble develops software solutions for the public sector. Our key strengths include strong spatial data features, modality and interoperability. Our software enables effective management of the built environment and community activity data and the creation of high-quality electronic customer service solutions. Above all, we help our customers increase their productivity, efficiency and profitability.

18th Nov, at 12–12.25 PM

Paikkatietojen ylläpito ja jakelu yhdessä ympäristössä, Account Manager Katariina Nyman


VideoDrone Finland Oy

Established in 2011, VideoDrone Finland is Finland’s first manufacturer of unmanned helicopters for professional use. The company has quickly become a leader in the industry thanks to its reliable, high-quality drones and fast service.




The Population Register Centre is a Finnish government agency that promotes digitalisation and electronic services in Finland. The centre’s online service provides information and services for citizens, public administrations and businesses. maps provides public administrations with a centralised service for the use of maps and spatial data. is an open data service that promotes access to and use of open public data in a variety of applications.


Zoro Ky / Think Today

THINK TODAY produces Finnish design and utility goods e.g. for corporate presents. Among other things, the products re-use and productize the obsolete materials of the construction sector and the National Land Survey of Finland, thus extending their life cycle even by decades. The products are entitled to use the Design From Finland label of origin, and they have received design awards.