Terms and conditions for booking an exhibition space

Terms and conditions for booking an exhibition space

Event: GIS Expo 2019.

Event date: 18–19 November 2019

Event organiser: The National Land Survey of Finland

Booking of exhibition space

Binding bookings shall be made through the organiser's online booking form on the GIS Expo website www.paikkatietomarkkinat.fi.

Bookings can be made from Tuesday 14 May 2019 at 10:00. On the booking form, submit a claim for both a primary and an alternative space.

The organiser will confirm bookings made by 13 June 2019 no later than 30 June 2019.

The confirmation in writing of the booking is binding for both parties.

If more than one booking is made for one exhibition space by 13 June 2019, spaces will be filled in the order of booking. The booking will, however, primarily be granted to the first booker of the entire space. If an exhibitor has requested a larger or smaller exhibition space than the room shown on the exhibition plan, the booking of this exhibitor shall be secondary to bookings made for the whole room, even if the whole room has been booked later than a part of it.

Ready-built stands will be filled according to booking order.

The organiser reserves the right to change the size, form and location of the exhibition space.

If an exhibitor intends to share their exhibition space with other organisations, the exhibitor shall let the organiser know of this by 2 September 2019 at the latest to include the organisations in the GIS Expo's list of exhibitors. The exhibitor is responsible for the actions of other organisations he or she has booked as if they were his or her own organisation.

An exhibitor may not transfer or sublet an exhibition space to another party without the organiser's written permission.

Prices and Terms of Payment

The prices of the exhibition spaces are shown on the booking form. Value added tax 24% will be added to the prices.

The organiser will invoice the rent for the exhibition space at the beginning of September. The rent of the exhibition space will be invoiced in one instalment.

Other orders related to the exhibition space, such as electricity and the rent for any furnishings, shall be agreed separately with Messukeskus. These orders are not included in the exhibition space rent. Messukeskus will invoice the exhibitor directly for such costs.

The rent for a ready-built stand includes the space and structures. The rent for the floor space includes neither walls nor other structures nor electricity. Other orders related to the exhibition space, such as electricity, shall be agreed separately with Messukeskus.

Ready-built stands include:

  • The price of a 4 m2 stand includes an info desk with logo, electricity and a bar stool. The stand includes a carpet.
  • The price of a 6 m2 stand includes wall elements, a logo on the back wall, lighting, electricity, bar table and carpet. The stand has a concrete floor.
  • The price of a 9 m2 stand includes wall elements, a logo on the back wall, lighting, electricity and bar table. The stand includes a carpet.

Messukeskus provides Wi-fi for exhibition spaces. The smallest available exhibition space is 4 m2.

The invoicing address shall be provided when making the booking.

Term of payment: 30 days net. The interest on overdue payments is compliant with the Finnish Interest Act.

Cancellation and termination of contract

The exhibitor may cancel their booking of space free of charge until 12 July 2019. Cancellations shall be sent to: paikkatietomarkkinat@maanmittauslaitos.fi.

If the booking of space is cancelled between 13 July and 31 August 2019, the exhibitor is liable to pay 50% of the rent.

If the booking of space is cancelled after 1 September 2019 or later, the exhibitor is liable to pay the entire rent for the exhibition space they have booked. In the event of a cancellation of exhibition space due to a reason attributable to the exhibitor, the right to use the exhibition space is returned to the organiser.

The right to use the space is returned to the organiser, if the rent of the space is not paid on the date it is due at the latest. Should the contract be terminated in this way or another due to a reason attributable to the exhibitor, the exhibitor is liable to pay for the payments that have become due, which shall remain with the organiser, in addition to payments that have already been paid.

Exhibition and dismantling

The exhibitors are responsible for setting up, decorating, dismantling and cleaning their stands as well as for transports and related costs. When setting up the stand, one should take into account that the activities take place within one's own stand.

Messukeskus is responsible for building and dismantling ready-built stands.

The organiser has the right to check and reject, if needed, plans regarding the construction and decoration of a stand.

The exhibitor shall agree upon special structures, e.g. over 250 cm high structures and decorations as well as of the placing of heavy (over 1,000 kg) exhibits with the organiser and Messukeskus. The use of special structures may inflict additional charges upon the exhibitor.

The organiser has the right to remove such exhibits that endanger or disturb other exhibitors or the public.

Messukeskus will send the exhibitor more information about ordering exhibition structures etc. by the end of August.

Before starting the dismantling of the stands, one should take into account the general feel and good spirit of the exhibition and let the exhibition area be available for all visitors as long as the GIS Expo is open.

The exhibitor shall remove equipment and furnishings belonging to the exhibitor by the end of the rental period on 19 November 2019 at 18:00.

Exhibitor's liability and insurance

The organiser pays for the fire protection, the locking of the rooms and takes care of general security of the exhibition area.

The exhibitors shall during the entire event (including the time reserved for the construction and dismantling of the event) be liable for the structures of their own stands, for materials, furniture and equipment that have been brought to the space, and for any damage that these may cause the property or third parties. For this reason, the exhibitors are responsible for buying any general insurance or third-party insurance that they deem necessary.

If the exhibitor causes damage to the rented exhibition space or equipment or installations located there or changes them in such a way that changing them back would involve costs for the organiser, the exhibitor must pay compensation for such damage and costs, whether the damage is due to intentional or unintentional actions by the exhibitor.

The exhibitor is responsible for clearing out or reinstating the rented exhibition space into the condition it was in before the start of the rental period. Otherwise, the renter shall pay compensation for costs incurred by the organiser for clearing out or otherwise reinstating the space into its previous condition.

Exhibition materials and personal belongings are the responsibility of the exhibitors. If your exhibition space contains easily removable small items, do not leave it at your stand without supervision. After the exhibition has closed, take your personal belongings with you or store them in locked cabinets.

Customer invitation cards

Exhibitors can order free of charge general customer invitation cards up to 20 cards per square metre of exhibition space.

We will also make an electronic version of the invitation card, which will be sent to the exhibitors as a PDF file. The electronic invitation card contains, for example, the name of the company. In addition, GIS Expo marketing materials will be provided for each exhibitor.

Information bulletins

One information bulletin will be made available for each exhibitor. There will be a limited number of information bulletins. The organiser reserves the right to change the scheduling and location of such bulletins.


The organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone the exhibition to another date, if the exhibition cannot be organised on this date.

Description of processing of personal data of a data subject

The National Land Survey complies with the data protection description on its website when processing personal data. Personal data related to participants in events organised by the National Land Survey.

The National Land Survey shall provide Messukeskus with a list of exhibitors with complete contact information, including e-mail addresses and Business IDs.