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Minister Leppä: The NLS plays a significant part in providing information for society at large

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä visited Director General Arvo Kokkonen on 20 December to examine the National Land Survey of Finland’s (NLS) field of activities.

Ministeri Jari Leppä ja pääjohtaja Arvo Kokkonen.

The event’s theme covered the strategic goals and future outlook of the NLS.

“Major societal development projects will be completed during this decade, including the building of the Residential and Commercial Property Information System and the updating of the National Topographic Database, with the NLS playing a significant part in moving them forward. Our goal is, and will be, to be a good partner and a reliable provider of information in national cooperation projects,” summarised Arvo Kokkonen, Director General of the NLS.

Minister Leppä encouraged the NLS to proactively highlight the organisation’s expertise.

“Reliable registers and datasets lay the foundation for societal activities, in which the NLS plays a significant part. The NLS is one of the world’s leading organisations in the geospatial data sector, and its work is very significant,” said Minister Leppä.

Further information:

Director General Arvo Kokkonen, tel. +358 40 028 0875,



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