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Open data file download service

The open data file download service is a self-service for downloading maps. You can select the products you want, their format as well as the area they cover.

  • Select the product to be downloaded from the list
  • On the map, select the map sheets covering the area containing the datasets you want
  • Type your e-mail address to receive the link to the download page
  • Download the files you have ordered using the links on the download page

The datasets are available with National Land Survey Open data Attribution CC 4.0 licence.

You can also access topographic and background maps, aerial photos and property boundaries produced by the NLS in the MapSite service.

Products in the file download service are only available in the ETRS-TM35FIN coordinate system 

Unpacking files

  • Laser scanning data is compressed in LAZ-format. Use laszip.exe, available from to unpack the files.
  • Orthophotos is compressed in JP2-format. 
  • Other data is compressed in zip-format (filename ends in .zip) and may be unpacked with any compression application available online.

Updating files

Rastermaps, cadastral indedx map, laser scanning data, ortophotos and The Topographic database is updated continuously, GeoPackage format is updated monthly. Other datasets are updated at least once a year.

Updating service

You can update downloaded data by using the Open data file updating service. The service is an ATOM feed, i.e. a standardised web feed in XML format. With the Updating service, you can search for all files sorted by product version that have been updated after a certain date. The feed you receive as a reply contains direct links to download updated files. You can download only those files that have been updated. 

You can use either a standard browser or other feed reading software to receive the feed (The NLS does not offer user support for such software).

You can order the identification key required to use the Updating service into your e-mail inbox. The use of the service is free of charge.

Interface description

Order a user-specific identification key

The open data file download service is being updated

In February 2022, the BETA version of the new service will be published at MapSite. At the first stage, laser scanning data 0.5 p, laser scanning data 2008–2019, elevation model 2 m, and the topographic database will be available in the service. During the BETA stage, the service will be tested and developed. Datasets will be added to the service gradually. The current open data file download service will operate alongside the new service until all datasets are available in the new service.

Read more information in the service notification.

Application and service status

Check the status and any disturbances of applications and online services.

State boundaries of Finland

The State boundaries of Finland are based on several bilateral and international agreements. The boundaries that have been confirmed through agreements have been demarcated and marked in the terrain in boundary demarcations following the agreements.

Interface service or file download service?

Data is available in the interface service and the file download service. Are you thinking about when to use the interface service and when the file download service?