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Location Innovation Hub

Themes of Location Innovation Hub: the built environment, bioeconomy, health and wellbeing, and transport, logistics and traffic.
The Location Innovation Hub focuses on four different themes: the built environment, bioeconomy, health and wellbeing, and transport, logistics and traffic.

The Location Innovation Hub (LIH) is a centre of excellence in location information coordinated by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute. LIH services are produced in conjunction with a partner network.

How we operate?

Our customers are particularly companies that want to solve the challenges of digitalisation and strengthen their competitiveness. We also serve the public sector.
Our customers can make their operations more efficient by developing data interoperability, using precise positioning and new generation positioning technologies. We produce tools and  test environments and provide consultation, and training, as well as provide support through networking for companies to obtain funding.
Our development work focuses on four different themes:

  • the built environment
  • bioeconomy
  • health and wellbeing
  • transport, logistics and traffic.

In these sectors, our customers can develop businesses related to artificial intelligence, high performance computing and cybersecurity. 

What is our goal?

In accordance with the European Data Strategy, interoperable information combined with location information is an indispensable resource for developing competitiveness and innovation capacity. Our activities are aimed at making efficient use of data spaces, for example on developing digital twins. Our goal is to create a functional, permanent location innovation ecosystem for seeking funding, testing services and developing new innovations in Europe. 
The Location Innovation Hub, supported by the European Commission, is one of the four digital innovation hubs in Finland (EDIH) and is part of the European network of innovation hubs. 

Contact us

Any questions about LIH? New ideas or problems to solve? Contact the Location Innovation Hub office staff locationinnovationhub(a) Emails are of the format

  • Project administration: Antti Jakobsson, tel +358 50 599 4123
  • Funding and reporting: Inkeri Lantta, tel. +358 40 801 7420
  • Technical support: Faris Alsuhail, tel. +358 50 471 1035
  • Networks and co-operation: Joonas Jokela, tel. +358 50 329 3069
  • Communication: Anniina Lundvall, tel. +358 50 342 7251 and Maria Vilppola tel. +358 50 405 7738

Our partners


This project has received funding from the European Union's Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement No: 101083680 — LIH — DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01