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Division into administrative areas based on municipalities

Municipal Division is a dataset depicting the municipal division in the whole of Finland.

The Municipal Division dataset is produced in scales 1:10,000, 1:100,000, 1:250,000, 1:1,000,000 and 1:4,500,000. The data included in the dataset in scale 1:10,000 are taken from the cadastral registry. Regarding other scales, municipal boundaries have been generalised to suit the scale in question.

The Municipal Division dataset is available as products both in vector and raster format. The products in vector format contain the number codes of the municipalities, the names of the municipalities in both Finnish and in Swedish as well as municipal boundaries and municipal geographical areas. In addition, the vector product includes the corresponding information about the regions, the State Administrative Agencies and the nation as well as a specification of the municipality's area into land and water area in MapInfo and Shape format. Products in raster format include municipal boundaries only.

The product belongs to the open data of the National Land Survey of Finland. More information: Topographic data and how to acquire it .


Municipal Division can be used as a background material, in different kinds of analyses and as a starting material for map products.

Geographic location
Entire Finland
Responsible party

National Land Survey of Finland

Pixel size
1 m
8 m
32 m
128 m
512 m
Spatial representation
Spatial representation info
Full surface graph
Data content

The information product specifications for the Municipal Division products in vector format and the scheme document

The information product specifications for the Municipal Division products in raster format


New Municipal Division products are produced early each calendar year after the dataset Municipal Division has been updated.


Municipal Division is a dataset depicting the municipal division in all of Finland and it is compiled by the National Land Survey. The Municipal Division dataset, which has been taken from the cadastral registry, has been used for making the ungeneralised product Municipal Division 1:10,000. Moreover, the product is used for making the dataset Municipal Division 1:100,000 by generalising. The dataset 1:250,000 is produced by generalising the dataset 1:100,000. The dataset 1:1,000,000 is produced by generalising the dataset 1:250,000. The dataset 1:4,500,000 is produced by generalising the dataset 1:1,000,000. The products that have been derived from these data sets correspond to the scheme (GML, PNG) of the INSPIRE administrative units.

The real estate boundary data of the cadastral registry that are kept up-to-date continuously serve as the source data set for municipal boundaries. The data concerning changes in municipal boundaries are transferred to the municipal boundaries data set in the beginning of each year.

The Municipal Division products include municipal enclaves if they are suitable for the scale of the product. The municipal division regions of the products contain information on whether the region in question is a main region or an enclave. Based on this information, the enclaves can be removed.

The Municipal Division dataset does not contain shore lines; they have to be acquired from some other dataset that has the corresponding scale.


The data set is in accordance with the information product specification

The product does not meet the specifications.

National Land Survey of Finland

Conditions applying to access and use

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Limitations on access

no limitations to public access

Reference system
ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N) (EPSG:3067)
Distribution format
ESRI Shapefile
Mapinfo MIF/MID
Not based on a decree