Senior Application Specialist Jakob Ventin

Jakob Ventin

Frequently people study one thing and end up working in a completely different field. This happened to Jakob Ventin, who studied geomatics (now geoinformatics) at Aalto University. He has been quite pleased with this development. Naturally geographic information has been a major part of both his studies and his current job.

'In a way, I have two work roles in my job in Application Services. Firstly, I work as an application co-ordinator in map image services, that is, the maintenance and development of so-called back-end background systems. Mostly, however, I work as a project manager, where I get the chance to advance our map image services in development projects', says Jakob.

Jakob Ventin has worked at the National Land Survey ever since he graduated. He has enjoyed his time at the agency, in part because the organisational culture is positive towards innovation and people get things done. Jakob thinks that especially the project-oriented way of working at the National Survey is in fine form.

'Here, people are skilled and committed to their jobs, which brings happiness to the work. We also have the opportunity of working on applications that have an impact on society', says Jakob Ventin.

'The fact that we can work almost whenever and wherever we want is also a good thing at this stage in life, with small children in the family', he adds.