GIS Specialist Claudia Bergroth

Claudia Bergroth

Much of Claudia's work has to do with the European INSPIRE Directive, on which the framework for the principles of joint use of spatial data in EU countries is based. Her working days consist of, for example, meeting stakeholders, preparing and holding various kinds of presentations, as well as organising training sessions and other events.

'I particularly like my job because it can truly be said to be a great place to get an overview of the spatial data sector, both in Finland and internationally. Much of our work is done in cooperation with various ministries, other governmental organisations and foreign colleagues. We also have a fantastic team! Everyone is really passionate about their work, which surely makes itself felt in our group as well', says Claudia.

Claudia has studied geography, specialising in geoinformatics, at the University of Helsinki. She says that she was bitten by the spatial data bug on a geography course in upper secondary school, when they watched a video series where an assistant professor of geoinformatics at the University of Helsinki spoke about spatial data and the opportunities it offers.

While working, Claudia has completed her studies and she praised the National Land Survey as an exemplary workplace as it was easy to combine work and studies. In addition to working part-time, flexible working hours and activity-based work in multiple locations has made studying much easier.

'They have been very supportive of my studies here. Thanks to being able to work outside my workplace, I have been able to work at the university library between lectures.’