Intelligent Mobility and Geospatial Computing (IMGC)

Globe and various ways to move.

The Intelligent Mobility and Geospatial Computing (IMGC) research group is comprised of experts in navigation, transportation, machine learning, context awareness, crowdsourcing, big data collection systems, and computer science. Our overall vision is to enable innovations in the use of location technology for the benefit of society. We currently have two primary research areas. The first area includes the development of techniques related to intelligent mobility (mainly road, maritime, and pedestrian mobility). The second area includes developing techniques for collecting geospatial information from large user populations (i.e. crowdsourcing) and using the resulting datasets to improve location-based services, especially positioning and navigation services. The IMGC is highly interdisciplinary and benefits from strong cooperation with other research groups both inside and outside FGI.


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1-March-2015: The research group "Intelligent Mobility and Geospatial Computing (IMGC)" was established.