Personnel and finance


Currently, the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute has a total of 120 people employed.

A total of 89 people were employed at the Finnish Geodetic Institute in 2013, including 28 on fixed-term contracts. The average age of the personnel was 40.7 years. The Institute is a male-dominated research institute, with 32.6% of the staff being women and 67.4% being men.

Altogether, 85.4% of the personnel have a university degree and 48.3% have a PhD or a similar degree. In terms of funding, operating expenses accounted for 57.2 person-years, whereas external funding accounted for 26.8 person-years.

Person-years by department 2013

Person years by department.

Personnel expenses totalled € 4,942,956.19 in 2013. This accounted for 70% of the Institute’s total costs. The percentage of hours worked was 79.9% that of regular annual working hours. Wages for hours worked accounted for 75.7% of the total payroll, whereas the indirect labour costs of wages for hours worked was 62.0% of the total payroll.

Financial information

The finances of the Finnish Geodetic Institute included budget income from the government for basic research and income received both from payable and jointly financed activities.

Financial information 2014.

Income from payable activities contributed 0,573 million EUR. The surplus target for payable activities was exceeded. Income for jointly financed activities was 1,878 million EUR.

The expenditure 2013

The total expenditure of the Institute was 7,074 million EUR.

The expenses 2013

Salary expenses still accounted for the majority of the cost-structure: 69.8%. The share of running costs was 27.9% and the share of capital-costs was 2.3%.