SDI Services


The Department of SDI Services is responsible for promoting shared use of geographic information in Finland. It supports and gives advice about the implementation of INSPIRE Directive, gives information about Finnish spatial data infrastructure and its possibilities, and develops services related to SDI utilization.

The department has three service teams:

  • Open services (resp. Timo Aarnio)
  • Development (resp. Teemu Saloriutta)
  • INSPIRE-cooperation (resp. Lena Hallin-Pihlatie)

SDI Services administrates the National Geodataportal Paikkatietoikkuna, which demonstrates geographic information and data services. There are over 1600 map layers from various organizations to be viewed in the Map window of Paikkatietoikkuna, possibility to embed maps on other websites and basic tools for statistical location-based analysis. The portal supports utilizing Finnish spatial data infrastructure and implementing INSPIRE Directive.

SDI Services is responsible for development and maintenance of the national metadata service and takes part in many projects developing SDI services. In addition the SDI department in cooperation with Oskari-network develops, which is used in many NLS web services and development projects. The software offers easy to use tools for utilizing GI APIs (WMS, WFS).

SDI Services also participates in international standardization within the field of geoinformatics (OGC, ISO/TC 211 and CEN/TC287) and on a national level in the Finnish Standardization Association SFS's group SR 304 as well as in preparing national recommendations (JHS).