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Mobile Mapping and Autonomous Driving

Liikkuva kartoitus ja laserkeilaus

The research group of Mobile Mapping and Autonomous Driving is working actively in the areas of

1. Mobile mapping technology (hardware/software), applications, and algorithms

2. Point cloud/range data/laser algorithms and processing

3. New sensor technology

4. Feasibility studies and application in built environment and precision forestry, demos in virtual environments and their links to social media.

5. Integrated sensors and computational solutions in autonomous driving


Mobile Mapping and Laser Scanning research group has beyond the doubt exceptional references in in science and scientific impact. Our Mobile mapping group was established in 2008, and was split in 2013 into three groups (Mobimap and Laser Scanning, 3D modelling and virtual worlds, Remote Sensing Electronics) due to high success, such as Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research 2014-2019.

The group has coordinated numerous international benchmarkings of laser scanning (LS) data processing methods and mobile laser scanning (MLS) systems, developed new record-braking mobile laser scanning systems, and hardware such as the world’s first miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (mini-UAV) based laser scanner and 1 MHz backpack mobile laser scanner. The group has participated in the development of world’s first hyperspectral laser scanner and developed the first whole-process LS from hardware to virtual reality in built environment in 3D game engine (3D Tapiola in Google Play), which is the basis for the work of the research group 3D modeling and virtual worlds. The research of the group has created national savings to the Finnish society in the order of 30 M€ annually, through the adaptation of laser scanning into forest inventory operations, into national elevation modeling, and transferring LS hardware and processing knowledge to companies.

The research group is the founder of the Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research funded by the Academy of Finland. See also:

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