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Remote sensing of the changing Earth – sub group

Muuttuvan maan kaukokartoitus

Figure 1. Laser-scanning data and a cylinder model fitted to these data for a stump-root system of a boreal Norway spruce. Image by Pasi Raumonen, TUT.

This team is a cross-cutting action between different research groups. The aim of the research team is the development of measurement technologies and applying them in the remote sensing of the phenomena related to global change. The research is based on finding new ways of measurement in remote sensing applications to provide successful solutions in interdisciplinary problems (such as the sustainable forest management practices). The main focus is in active remote sensing methods: hyperspectral laser scanning, radar-lidar synergy.

Research topics:

  • hyperspectral lidar development and applications
  • calibration of laser scanner measurements
  • environmental change detection (snow cover monitoring, forest ecology and functions)
  • combining in situ and space remote sensing
  • radar-lidar synergy.

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13-Dec-2013: See the new Facebook pages of the Quality Forest Research Consortium in:

1-Sep-2013: New research team established.