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Satellite and Radio Navigation (SARANA)

Satellittii kiertää maapalloa.

The Satellite and Radio Navigation research group focuses on the research and development of methods and algorithms improving accuracy, availability and reliability of navigation with GNSS and other radio signals. The group comprises experts in the areas of digital signal processing and positioning.

Research topics are from the field of GNSS signal acquisition and tracking, Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM), multi GNSS positioning and hybrid positioning. Related to this we also develop methods and algorithms both to detect and to mitigate intentional interference generated by Jamming and Spoofing devices.

A special focus area of the group is precise positioning methods with single frequency mass market receivers. For this work we utilize data from both local GNSS reference networks as well as Space Based Augmentation Systems like the EGNOS and WAAS systems.


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