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Prolonged processing times in the registration of properties and apartments

Trading in properties and housing company shares continues to remain active, and the processing of applications is suffering from a backlog. 

The average processing times from the receipt of application are:

  • 4 months for registrations of title and rights of lease;
  • 2 months for mortgaging applications; and
  • 3 months for registrations of apartment ownerships and pledges.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the backlog and will do our best to remedy the situation as soon as possible by, among other things, recruiting additional staff

Please be patient, we will contact you when we start processing your application. Please only contact our customer service in urgent cases. This will enable our staff to work on the increased demand and solutions as efficiently as possible, both in our customer service and in our solution operations.

Tip for expediting the processing of your application

Ensure that the assets transfer tax has been paid and the transfer tax return has been filed. You can check this online in the MyTax service. You do not need to submit any separate receipts to the NLS with the application. See the instructions on how to pay the transfer tax.

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