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Are you aware of all the things you can do at MapSite?

The MapSite service of the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) can be used for various purposes. In the service, you cand find misplaced property identifiers, use the map shop, pinpoint the best spots for picking berries and mushrooms, and plan your next weekend’s hiking trail.

Heidi Jylhä-Ollila

Coordinate search at MapSite.
National Land Survey of Finland

Check your neighbourhood and find a misplaced property identifier

MapSite helps you perceive your neighbourhood. By exploring different map layers and using different tools, you can get the most out of the service. 

Check aerial photos to find the best spots for picking berries and mushrooms. Use the marking tool to pinpoint a mushroom-rich spot you ran into during your hike or the location of a berry heaven, and share it with your friends as a map link. Plan your next weekend’s hiking trail by examining contour lines and by measuring the distance.

Have you misplaced your property identifier? Select property identifiers under map layers. Each estate or plot has a unique property identifier. You need it to obtain more detailed information about a property, for example. 

Are you selling a parcel? Using MapSite, you can attach a drawing with your deed of sale to indicate the outlines of the part of the property being sold. Outline the area to be sold using the surface area function. The map also shows the size of the parcel. After outlining, click the print icon. The map view will open in a new tab, in which you can print the map or save it on your computer.

Please note that the outlines and surface areas shown in MapSite are indicative, and the boundaries of the property to be formed are defined later during cadastral surveying.

Make your own map printout and have printed maps sent to your home

The map shop is one of MapSite’s most popular features. To access the map shop, select ‘Buy maps’ after clicking the arrow icon in the right-hand side bar. 

Basic and topographic maps are available under ‘Printed maps’. Select a map type to view map sheets. Click a map sheet to add it to the ‘Products’ list, where the map name and number are indicated. Then, add selected maps to the basket. The maps will be sent to you by post.

Click ‘Order a map printout’ to make your own map printout. Start by finding an area on the map and selecting the size and scale for your printout. You can also select the information shown on the map and the printout material.

Weatherproof canvas is useful when hiking, as it can be easily folded and placed in your pocket or backpack. A plastic map is handy in situations where you can read your map on a level base. Many customers also select plastic or canvas for a map they intend to hang on a wall. We will make your map printout according to your selections and send it to your home address in a cardboard packaging without folding it.

Find out the coordinates of your summer cottage 

Were you left thinking about your summer cottage’s coordinates after your summer holiday? In MapSite, you can check your summer cottage’s location and highlight it on a map. To use the function, click the XY icon on the right.

Check coordinates by clicking a spot on the map. Copy the coordinates and paste them into the location information form (in Finnish) available on the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s website, which you can then hang of your wall.

Topographic map

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