Arvo Kokkonen takes over as the chairman of Arctic SDI

Finland's Chairmanship of the Arctic Council started in May 2017. The National Land Survey of Finland participates in Arctic SDI (Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure). The Directors General of the National Mapping Agencies of the member states of the Arctic Council (Finland, Iceland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and the United States) met in Porvoo on 1–2 June. At the meeting, the National Land Survey's Director-General Arvo Kokkonen began his two-year term as the chairman of the Arctic SDI project.

– We have engaged in spatial data cooperation for several years, but substantially the effort began last year. We published a trial version of the geoportal and instructions for data producers on how spatial data should be processed, says Director-General Arvo Kokkonen from the National Land Survey.

The Arctic SDI-geoportal is based on the open source map platform Oskari, which was originally developed at the National Land Survey.

A map base for ice cover time series

Arctic SDI is a joint project run by the National Mapping Agencies of eight member nations of the Arctic Council, and the Geoportal is its most visible creation. The base map that the National Mapping Agencies have produced together is used as a platform. On top of this platform, it is possible to add maps and spatial datasets covering different themes, such as changes in the distribution of a plant or the status of the ice cover at different times. Maps that have been put together in the Geoportal can also be published on other websites.

– During the Finnish Chairmanship, the aim is that Arctic Council working groups start using the Geoportal and make extensive use of the opportunities it offers, says Arvo Kokkonen.

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Director-General Arvo Kokkonen, +358 40 028 0875

Head of International Affairs Heli Ursin, +358 40 523 7432

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