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The Best Practices at NLS publication supports the development of sustainability

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is currently developing its sustainability in many different areas. The institute’s first sustainability programme will be produced this year, and the publication “Best Practices at NLS”, now released, will be part of it.

National Land Survey of Finland

The Best Practices at NLS includes the institute’s important principles. They have been compiled under four themes: Economic responsibility, Leadership and work community skills, Legality and good administration, as well as Openness and privacy principles. The principles are presented concisely in the publication, which is intended for our stakeholders and is now available on our website.

Improved service

The online publication is supplemented by the best practices manual and online training provided for the personnel. The current personnel will complete the training during 2021, while future employees will complete it as part of their induction training.

“With the Best Practices at NLS, we want to ensure the materialisation of a sustainable operating culture that meets all legal requirements now and in the future. This refers to how we ensure our operations are appropriate both from the perspective of legislation and our ethical principles,” says Director General Arvo Kokkonen.

“Our aim is to ensure that both current and future employees are aware of the principles guiding the operations of the National Land Survey of Finland, and that they know how to apply them in their work. The practical materialisation of best practices will be monitored in the institute’s sustainability programme that will be published in the autumn of 2021,” adds Director of Communication and Social Responsibility Maija Ilvonen.

“We want to guarantee the maintenance of trust and provide an even better service to society,” Kokkonen summarises.

You can view our publication on principles here.

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