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Boundary demarcation on the border between Finland and Russia

On 19 June in Imatra, Finland and Russia signed a document describing the border between the two countries. For the border to enter into force, it must be accepted by the Finnish Parliament. For Finland, the boundary description document was signed by Director-General Arvo Kokkonen from the National Land Survey. For Russia, the document was signed by Deputy Head Sergei Miroshnichenko from RF Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping (Rosreestr).

The boundary demarcation is technical and nothing changes for people living near the border.

– Through the boundary demarcation, boundary maps and other documents describing the border that are more than 70 years old, were updated, says Chief Engineer Pekka Tätilä from the National Land Survey, who participated in the boundary demarcation.

Boundary markers more than four centuries old

The oldest boundary markers were built in 1595, following the peace treaty of Teusina. The work that was recently completed was done in 2007–2016.

– We checked and measured each boundary marker in the terrain and all digital data, such as maps and coordinates, were updated, says Pekka Tätilä.

The border has been continuously maintained through an agreement concerning the régime on the State Frontier, which has specified the practical work on maintaining the border, that is, the maintenance of boundary markers and the border strip. In practice, the Finnish Border Guard has, for example, rebuilt fallen boundary markers.

Checks every 25 years

Director-General Arvo Kokkonen from the National Land Survey says that in future, the countries will meet every 25 years to discuss and agree whether a new boundary demarcation is necessary.

– There are agreements to affirm Finland's borders with Norway and Sweden every 25 years, as well. The most recent boundary demarcation between Finland and Norway took place in 2000 and the one with Sweden in 2006, says Kokkonen.

The Finnish Government appointed a delegation, which together with the Russian delegation, performed the now completed technical boundary demarcation. The members of the Finnish delegation represented the National Land Survey and the Finnish Border Guard.

– The work of the boundary demarcation delegation has now been completed. In the next stage, the agreement will be ratified in Finland and in Russia. After this, the description of the border between Finland and Russia, including documents, will enter into force, explains Director-General Arvo Kokkonen.

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