Cadastral survey charges to change on 1 January 2018

Charges levied for cadastral survey procedures will change at the start of 2018. The charges are intended to cover the costs to the state of the cadastral survey procedures.

Lower charges for small parcellings and cadastral surveys where the charge is determined by the number of working hours.

The cadastral survey charge for the most common procedure, that is parcelling, will be lower for parcellings of small areas (0¬1 hectares), which include approx. half of all parcellings. The charge for intermediate (1–20 hectares) size areas will remain unchanged and the parcelling charge in the larger area categories will increase slightly.

The charge levied per hour in cadastral survey procedures where the cost is determined by the number of working hours will decrease by approx. 2.2 percent. Cadastral survey procedures charged by the hour include partitionings, private road and highway surveys and various types of expropriation surveys. 

The pricing of boundary demarcation surveys will change

The principles for pricing cadastral survey charges barely change. A significant change will, however, occur in boundary demarcation surveys, where the charge will be affected by each boundary marker and boundary point that defines the surveyed boundary. This change has been taken into account in the new charges for boundary demarcation surveys. On average, the charge levied for boundary demarcation surveys will decrease by approx. 6.6 percent.

Small changes in other cadastral survey charges

The charges levied for combining properties and for transferring shares in a jointly owned area to a property or forming such shares into a property will be simplified. Since the charge levied for each type of cadastral survey must cover the costs of that type, some charges will increase. For example, the charge for the expropriation of a reliction area will increase by approx. 5 percent, although the charge for combining properties will decrease by approx. 5.8 percent.

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