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Do we need to make a fuss of this?

How can we develop our external communication to better meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders? The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is looking for answers to this difficult question. We are a large service organisation which works together with its customers, partners and stakeholders.

Viestintä- ja vastuullisuusjohtaja Maija Ilvonen.
Maanmittauslaitos, Lantmäteriverket, National Land Survey of Finland

Cooperation between government agencies is emphasised in communication. We can have the highest visibility in media services if we join forces with our partners. We want to create meaningful stories, communicate the impact of our work and, above all, engage in dialogue. We want to listen, engage and interact, and develop a comprehensive communication culture.

We have our own way of communicating

Do we need to make a fuss of this? This is a question everyone involved in communication will probably hear during their career. We are trying to better understand what we should and what we shouldn’t make a fuss of. 

Communication officers and specialists must walk more closely hand-in-hand and in the same direction, while serving our customers. Open and active communication by a government organisation has a significant impact on the organisation’s reputation and visibility.

We public-sector communication officers enjoy the successes of other agencies in customer communication. At the same time, we want to find our own natural way to have an open and communicative approach in different channels. 

Independence and fairness are very important values here at the The National Land Survey of Finland. We do not publicly comment on individual solutions or cases of individual landowners. We have our own way of communicating and our own tone of voice.

Our digital service point is available online

Our customers meet us online and by telephone, as well as during cadastral surveys and in service locations across Finland, from Ivalo to Mariehamn. Last year, our website had a record number of visits, which means that our newsroom reaches our readers very effectively. 

Here, in this newsroom, we offer you up-to-date and regular news, editorial articles and current perspectives. At the same time, we are planning the future of our website. Our online digital service point will serve our customers in a more straightforward way than before. 

We are also considering how we can explain terms and concepts related to land surveying and geospatial data research more understandably than before. One step in the right direction is the column Terminurkka, Concept Corner, in which our specialists translate professional terms and concepts into the everyday language. 

A change is a journey – we are heading together towards new coordinates. Have a sunny spring, let’s stay together!

Maija Ilvonen
The author is the Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at the National Land Survey of Finland.

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