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Find the best picnic site with #hylo

The FGI's MyGeoTrust project has launched a new phone app called #hylo.

You can share hyperlocal information with #hylo and tell other users about traffic jams, your football team's next match or a good spot to pick berries. MyGeoTrust and related applications already have 1,500 users.

Amusing and useful geonotes

Use #hylo to put virtual notices called geonotes on the map. Add tags and locations, such as ”#trafficjam @länsi-pasila” to your geonote and select the duration of the geonote. A geonote can be shown for nine months at the most. If you want to warn other users about a traffic jam, the geonote can be shown just for a day.

The #hylo app is available on Android devices free of charge and it takes advantage of crowdsourcing, with the users providing content for the service.

To function, #hylo needs the MyGeoTrust app. With MyGeoTrust, you can control the privacy of your location data. Other apps released by the MyGeoTrust project require the MyGeoTrust app to run. You use it to select or customise your privacy settings to determine how much and what kinds of data are shared with others.

You decide how social or how private you want to be

MyGeoTrust is a project by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI to create the future of locational and mobile data crowdsourcing. The project is based on the idea that everyone has the right to control the data that is collected concerning him or her and how much locational data is shared with others. Data is shared to contribute to the common good and it is not used to sell advertising, for example.

Trust and privacy are central to the vision of MyGeoTrust. Each user can determine what personal and locational data is shared. Most location-based services offer only two options, either you allow the service provider access to all of your data or you do not use the service.

The MyGeoTrust and #hylo apps are available from the Google Play Store.

More information about the MyGeoTrust project is available on its website and you can read more about #hylo on the app's website (in Finnish). Follow the project on Twitter: @mygeotrust, #mygeotrust.

More information

Head of Department Heidi Kuusniemi, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI of the National Land Survey, +358 29 531 4809,

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