Job rotation of directors at the National Land Survey

Deputy Director-General Petri Korpinen has transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to assist in the founding of the new Finnish Food Authority. Korpinen will return to the National Land Survey on 1 November 2018. The transfer of Petri Korpinen to the Finnish Food Authority project means that other members of top management will switch jobs temporarily.

− We encourage the mobility of our employees both within the agency and in transferring to other organisations. In this situation, task switching is a natural practice for us at the Central Administration. Task switching increases and diversifies competence, states Director-General Arvo Kokkonen.

Deputy Director-General Marja Rantala of the Centre for ICT Services at the National Land Survey is has been appointed as the temporary replacement of Petri Korpinen at the Central Administration.

Director Juha Tuomaala of Application Services at the Centre for ICT Services is substituting for Marja Rantala as the deputy director-general of the Centre for ICT Services, and Mikko Tallgren from the same unit is substituting for Tuomaala.

These appointments will end on 1 November 2018.

More information

Director-General Arvo Kokkonen, +358 40 028 0875,

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