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Location Innovation Hub was accepted as one candidate for a European Digital Innovation Hub

National Land Survey proposal for creating a Location Innovation Hub (LIH) is one of the candidates from Finland for a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH). At best, these hubs could start their activities during 2021.

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European Digital Innovation Hubs are part of the EU’s new Digital Europe Programme. They function as service points that boost digital investment and, in particular, the digitalisation of SMEs but also public sector. Finland has eight hub candidates of which four will likely get funding. Candidates were selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 1st of March.
Location Innovation Hub (LIH) is targeting to release the great potential of location data, services and technology by creating a world leading competence center providing the adaptation layer in the value chain of sector specific solutions with location. Key target sectors include built environment, bioeconomy, transport and health. Location intelligence is crucial for taking the next step utilizing AI, HPC and cyber security. Precise positioning and interoperability are key components in reaching the location intelligence. 

The hub will support small and medium-sized enterprises and public sector in creating location-enabled data ecosystems in these domains. Demonstrating the benefits of location intelligence through reference implementations will enable enterprises to create new innovations moving towards circular, API and data economy. The hub will provide different testing environments for business development, skills and training, access to funding sources and to European and International markets through our networks. 

New partners are welcome

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute will be at the core of the hub offering top research knowledge to companies and public sector. The impact of this hub is based on having many partners and an extensive network. More partners and network members are expected. In addition, a public sector network will be created.

Following partners are already confirmed: Halaus Company Oy, Sand Hill Services Oy, Spatineo Oy, Gispo Oy, IndustryHack Oy, Arbonaut Oy, Metsäteho Oy, CGI Suomi Oy, Sitowise Oy, ESRI Finland Oy, Mtech Digital Solution Oy, Aurora Snowbox Oy. Regional partners include Regional Council of Southwest Finland (Lounaistieto) and Tampere City Region. University partners are Aalto, Aalto/MeMo and University of Helsinki. Our network includes GeoForum ry, Kira-Innohub ry, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy and Telia Finland Oyj.

More information  

Deputy Director General Jarkko Koskinen, +358 50 337 2902, 
Chief Engineer Antti Jakobsson,  +358 50 599 4123, 


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