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The new website is launched. The website will adapt smoothly to different devices, and we have taken into account the demands for accessibility. Also, the contents have been rewritten and the layout has been redesigned.

The website offers up-to-date information about the National Land Survey's products and services.

When renewing the website, we especially tried to take into account people who visit our website for the very first time, so that they would be able to find the information they need and get their case handled as easily and smoothly as possible. The website redirects the users to the right service and provides clear instructions on how to use the service as well as information about prices and processing times.

We have, however, not forgotten our regular users. For them, there are direct links from the front page to the most used services. Under the E-services heading, we have gathered shortcuts to all our online services.

The Real property section contains all of our services that are related to real property, both for individual users and for professionals who use property information in their work. The Maps and spatial data section includes tips on how to buy maps as well as information about topographic datasets and the production of topographic data.

There is a new section, Research, which contains information about research projects and research groups at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI. The current website will be taken out of use, but the URL will still work and redirect users to the website.

Additional contents will be published during March. The section "Research" will be taken into use next week. Some attachment files will be linked to the website only after the launch.

In the implementation of the new website, we had help from the National Land Survey's customer council, whose comments helped us create both the functions and contents of the pages. The website was implemented in cooperation with Siili Solutions. Ixonos was responsible for the concept design.

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