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MapSite has been renewed

The National Land Survey (NLS) has released a completely new version of its popular MapSite service. The new MapSite contains all the familiar functions of previous versions, but it is easier to use and also works on mobile platforms. The new MapSite was taken into use on 5 October 2016.

On the MapSite, you can browse NLS map data free of charge. The service's maps, aerial images and current property boundaries cover all of Finland. The new map layer Hillshade shows the elevation profile of the terrain.

You can view several map layers on top of each other and by adjusting the transparency of the layers create a customised map view. You can also put your own markers on a map and share it with others, for example by e-mail.

Maps and customised map printouts

From the MapSite, you can also buy printed topographic and basic maps and customised map printouts. You can freely select the area covered by a map printout as well as its size and scale. You can also decide what information is shown on the printout, for example whether or not property identifiers and boundaries are visible. You can easily pay for your shopping with your online banking codes.

We recommend that you buy map printouts online, because that is both more practical and cheaper than ordering them from our customer service.

Visit MapSite via the National Land Survey website or the direct address

MapSite is available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

More information:

Chief Specialist Teija Tarvainen, 040 778 7391,

Go to MapSite

MapSite functions

Handling the map

  • move the map by dragging and zoom using the mouse or keyboard
  • select map layers and adjust transparency
  • search by place name and address
  • print the map view

Map tools

  • my marker
  • measure distance
  • measure area
  • show the nearest address
  • show more information about features on the map

Coordinates and coordinate conversions

Buy a map

  • Basic Map 1:25 000/20 000
  • Topographic map 1:50 000
  • Customised map printout


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