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MapSite: new map layer and fixes

MapSite has been updated on 11 November with changes to the service.

Plain map

A new map layer has been added to the service, the Plain map. This product is particularly intended for people with limited vision, but it also works as a background and guide map.

In comparison with the Basic map, the Plain map has less information and fewer colours. The information that is shown has also been emphasised and contrast increased to make map features more easily distinguishable. The Plain map can be selected from the Map layer menu. You can give feedback on the Plain map via the MapSite feedback function.

MapSite caused computer and mobile overload

Some users of the service have given feedback concerning the exceptional load that the service has placed on computers and mobile equipment. The reason for this has been found and fixed.

Problems with iOS and Android

Users of mobile equipment have given feedback concerning the MapSite. Android users have had problems selecting features on the map and the map has jammed for iOS users. The update has fixed these problems.

Some other updates and fixes to the service have also been completed.


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