More ambitious improvements of social responsibility

The National Land Survey's social responsibility report for 2018 has been published. The agency considers it important each year to consider and make visible the good we do and the improvements we make from the point of view of finances, people and the environment.

Kuumailmapallo veden yllä

'Social responsibility is a natural part of our operations. The most important thing is to keep improving continuously and to consider the needs of society around us and our stakeholders in our development,' says Arvo Kokkonen, director-general of the National Land Survey.

'It is always possible to improve, and our aim is to include the various parts of social responsibility ever more ambitiously in our strategy and management work,' adds Kokkonen.

Social responsibility in numbers

In the social responsibility report, we aim to show as many aspects of our social responsibility as possible in ways that can be measured in numbers. Below is a list of eight important numbers for 2018 and more can be found in the report.

3.9/5 employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction in governmental organisations is measured annually using the common survey tool VMBaro. The average employee satisfaction in central government is 3.6/5, so that our employees are more satisfied than average in central government. According to the survey, our strengths include how easy it is to combine work and private life, knowing the purpose and goals of the job, trust in the continuity of the employment relationship and fair treatment by supervisors and colleagues alike.

86% satisfied customers

In the 2018 customer satisfaction survey, 86% of customers were very or fairly satisfied with our service. According to the survey, our strengths include that products and services match customer needs, e-services, employee flexibility, expertise, willingness to provide service and impartial treatment.

99.9% failure-free e-services

The availability of the National Land Survey's e-services has been at top level. The goal for 2018 was 95% failure-free e-services, but we achieved 99.9%.

+ 1% total productivity

An increase in total productivity means that we have produced more outputs with smaller inputs. The National Land Survey of Finland has been able to adjust its operations well to cope with the diminishing budget funding while keeping a good level of service. Since 2010, total productivity has increased by more than 4% per year.

102 refereed scientific publications

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) at the National Land Survey published 102 peer-reviewed scientific publications in 2018. At the end of the year, the Academy of Finland published a report on the State of Scientific Research, which shows that FGI is the best research institute in Finland when measuring the impact of research. This shows that FGI publications are highly valued by the scientific community with frequent citations.

40% of employees work in activity-based offices

The facilities reform of the National Land Survey has a positive effect on employees, the environment and finances: The reform has ensured more pleasant and modern offices. By renewing the offices it is also possible to achieve savings in rental, cleaning and energy costs. In an activity-based office, the space needed for each employee is smaller than before, because there are no named offices and desks are in joint use. The reform continues.

132 new employees

In 2018, the National Land Survey recruited 132 new employees. Internal mobility has also seen a lot of activity, because 65 employees have transferred to new jobs within the agency. For the summer season 2018, the National Land Survey recruited 94 trainees. For students, a summer job provides valuable experience in the field and helps to find a job after graduation.

20 new employee ambassadors

The National Land Survey aims to actively spread information about the surveying and spatial data fields to young people to increase the number of applicants to educational establishments in the field. In 2018, willing employees were recruited as employee ambassadors, who visit schools and events to tell people about their jobs and the diverse opportunities offered by the surveying field. 20 employees who work in various positions and locations around the country were selected.

Read the Social Responsibility Report for 2018.

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