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The National Land Survey of Finland to be more customer- and service-driven

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is changing its way of working through such steps as updating its organisational structure. Customers will be more strongly at the core of the NLS organisation and its operations and services.

Riku Nikkilä

‘The needs of our customers make up the yardstick, according to which we develop our services. We have changed our organisation to provide smoother services and to serve our customers better than before. This ensures that our customer satisfaction remains high’, says Irma Lähetkangas, deputy director general at the NLS. 

The satisfaction of customers with the NLS can be seen in the results of the customer satisfaction survey. In the most recent survey, the NLS received a score of 4.36 on a scale from 1 to 5. The highest score of 4 or 5 was given by 88% of all respondents.

‘We would like to thank everyone who has given us feedback. It helps us to focus more on customers in our development activities and make our services more customer-driven. In the future, we will offer more ways and channels to give feedback. Our aim is to collect feedback continuously so that it can be linked even better to specific services’, says Susanne Hellman, director of customer relations. 

Other parts of customer cooperation will also be updated at the same time. 

‘Cooperation with our stakeholders and partners in networks and addressing their needs are an integral part of our activities. To this end, we have recruited new service managers in our operating unit’, Lähetkangas adds.

‘Another goal of the organisational change is to promote digitalisation at the NLS, as well as interoperable digital service chains in the public sector. We are developing digital services in networks together with other authorities through the exchange of best practices’, says CIO Marja Rantala.

During the organisational change, land surveying was among the services that were regrouped. New service areas are shown in the organisation chart at the NLS website.

‘Of course, customers do not need to know what service area the services they need belong to. Then again, the new grouping makes it easier to find information. The NLS customer service will continue to serve our customers in all service channels with the one stop shop principle’, Lähetkangas says.

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Marja Rantala, CIO, +358 40 087 9950,

Susanne Hellman, director of customer relations, +358 50 535 0780,

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