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National Land Survey of Finland switchboard pilots speech recognition

The switchboard of the National Land Survey of Finland will be piloting a speech robot, or automatic speech recognition, from 1 to 15 October. When you call our switchboard, the speech robot will ask you to briefly describe your reason for calling.

Mies puhuu puhelimeen.
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“The purpose of this pilot is to automate some of our routine switchboard operations. It will help us make our service smoother and faster from the customer’s perspective,” explains Salli Mylly, Service Manager.

The speech robot has been trained, for example, by interviewing switchboard operators and analysing recorded calls made to the switchboard.

The speech recognition pilot will only target the National Land Survey’s switchboard, not the customer service number.

The pilot programme only applies to the Finnish-language switchboard service. If you wish to use Swedish or English instead, the robot will direct you to the switchboard after you say something in the language.

Feedback on the pilot programme

Please send any feedback on the speech recognition pilot to


Contact information for the National Land Survey of Finland

Salli Mylly, Service Manager, +358 40 190 9861

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