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National Land Survey is recruiting new land registration secretaries thanks to growth in real estate and apartment purchases

There have been delays in the processing of applications of registrations of title to properties and registrations of apartment ownership at the National Land Survey thanks to a growing number of property and apartment purchases during the coronavirus pandemic. Last spring, the National Land Survey recruited new land registration secretaries to respond to the greater demand, and more are being recruited now.

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In 2020, the number of applications of registrations of title increased by 20% in comparison with the previous year. By the end of July 2021, the number of applications had increased by 10% in comparison with the comparable period in 2020. At the start of 2021, 20 new land registration secretaries started working at the National Land Survey. 

In addition to the growth in the number of apartment purchases, more housing companies are joining the Residential and Commercial Property Information System. For this reason, the processing time for apartment registrations has also increased. The National Land Survey is first going to recruit about 10 people to work with apartment registrations. The recruitment process is still ongoing for these land registration secretary positions. In the autumn, a new recruitment process will be initiated in property registrations. 

The National Land Survey is seen as an attractive employer and we were happy to note the large number of applicants for positions in apartment registrations. Some summer interns will also continue in part-time positions after the summer. By recruiting so many new employees, the National Land Survey will be better able to respond to an increase in demand.

More effective work processes in addition to recruitment

'We have improved the efficiency of application processing in many ways without compromising on quality. For example, we have prioritised mortgage applications, because customers often need them to secure financing from a bank. We also promote automation, but the benefits of that will be apparent in the longer term', says Director Janne Murtoniemi from the National Land Survey.

The rights of the property buyer are not jeopardised in any way even if processing takes a bit longer than usual. Currently, the processing of a mortgage application takes about 4 months from initiation to decision and the registration of the right of ownership of an apartment takes about 3 months on average. 

'Property registrations are mostly done after the fact and it's good to remember that the title to a property is transferred with the title deed, not with the registration of title. We have prioritised the processing of urgent applications. We apologise for the longer processing times and we ask our customers to wait for us to contact them', says Murtoniemi.

In 2020, the number of property purchases increased by 9.5% in comparison with the previous year. In 2021, property sales have continued to increase. In January–May 2021, the number of conveyances was 6,060 greater than during the corresponding period in 2020. In percentage terms, the increase is 22%. According to statistics from the Federation of Real Estate Agency, purchases of housing company shares have been increasing. For example, the number of purchases of new apartments in multi-floor buildings that are administered by housing companies in the Residential and Commercial Property Information System increased by 32% in January–May 2021 in comparison with the average of the last five years. 

E-services mean smoother processing of property registrations

'Please don't call customer service just to ask for an intermediate progress report on your application. We will contact you when we start processing your application. However, while you wait for us to contact you, we recommend that you check matters related to transfer tax in the MyTax e-service. Incomplete tax information is one of the most common reasons why the processing of an application is delayed, says Service Manager Saara Vesa from the National Land Survey.

We recommend that you send your application and all necessary attachments using the NLS e-service (in Finnish). The e-service can be used to send any requested supplements to the application. The e-service is a secure and fast way to send documents for processing. 

The Property Transaction Service can be used to apply for mortgages and transfer electronic mortgage deeds. An application that is submitted electronically via the e-service can often be processed without delay.

Some documents cannot be sent electronically, they must be submitted as originals. Original documents can be sent by post and they will be returned without delay. It is also possible to visit one of our service points and show the documents.

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