NLS’s Social Responsibility Report 2019 published

The social impact and responsibility of National Land Survey of Finland’s operations were assessed for the sixth year running. The new report assesses responsibility from the points of view of financial responsibility, responsibility toward employees, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and product responsibility.

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With the report, we aim to increase the transparency of our work toward a more sustainable society and responsibly operating public administration. Compared to previous years, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how our operations connect to them are highlighted more in the new report. 

In the future, the importance of sustainability will keep increasing in our operations. In summer 2020, our first ever communication and sustainability director will begin working in their new position, and we will define clearer targets and indicators for the responsibility of operations. Responsibility reporting will also be developed to be more uniform with the reports of other government agencies.

Read our new Social Responsibility Report

The NLS Social Responsibility Report 2019 can be found here.

The report is available in Finnish, Swedish and English, both as desktop and mobile versions. All NLS Social Responsibility Reports are permanently available on our website

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Director-General Arvo Kokkonen,
Director of Communications, Pirkko Yliselä, 

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