Open-source map platform Oskari reached top 4 in EU-contest

The Finnish open-source map platform Oskari reached the top 4 in a contest organised by the European Commission, where awareness is raised about the benefits of sharing IT solutions within public administration. The Oskari platform is a tool with which companies and private individuals can make easy-to-use map services on websites.

– By using Oskari you can embed a functional map on your own website. When you add layers of other map data to the background map, for instance the offices of your own company, you get a map service that exactly suits your needs. You can add tools to the map, for instance an address search or showing the position of the user on the map, says Development Manager Jani Kylmäaho from the National Land Survey.

For instance the National Land Survey of Iceland, ​Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY and the City of Tampere have implemented their own map services with the help of Oskari.

Four IT solutions in the final

In the Sharing and Reuse Awards contest for IT solutions, three other solutions using open source code compete with Oskari in the Cross border category:

The winner will be announced in Lisbon on 29 March. The winner will receive 15,000 euros and the runner-up 10,000 euros.

Oskari platform, which was originally developed by the National Land Survey, is currently being developed in the open Oskari network. This year, for instance the presentation of statistics and combining statistical data with spatial data are being developed.

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