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Price changes at the National Land Survey of Finland as of 1 January 2021

The National Land Survey of Finland will change its pricing as of 1 January 2021. The fees have been reviewed due reasons such as an increase in the general level of costs.

Cadastral survey costs will change slightly on 1 January 2021. The cadastral survey costs will increase approximately by 1.1 per cent and the Real Estate Register keeper’s decision fees by 4.1 per cent. The most common cadastral procedure is the subdivision of a 0.1–1 hectare parcel, which will cost EUR 1,090 starting from 1 January 2021. The price will be EUR 10 higher than before. 

The principles of the pricing reform at the start of 2020 will remain the same. Following the reform, several types of cadastral surveys became subject to a fixed price.

Services for apartment and real property owners

The registration fees for apartments and real property have been revised to match the average cost level increase. For example, the processing fees for the registration of real property’s ownership, i.e. title registration, will rise to EUR 132 from the beginning of 2021, when it used to be EUR 119 since the beginning of 2017. The price of mortgages will rise from EUR 35 to EUR 38. 

Respectively, the price for registering an apartment’s shareholder will rise from EUR 58 to EUR 60, and the registration of pledging from EUR 25 to EUR 26. 

Streamlined pricing 

The National Land Survey’s prices for products and services have been clarified further. On average, the prices will remain the same, but the principles for pricing may have changed. For example, the charge for an individual owner’s information will be dropped from the pricing of real estate’s ownership and address information. 

Prices from the start of 2021:

  • Ownership and address information 1–6 register units EUR 18.55 (VAT 0%) 
  • Ownership and address information more than 6 register units EUR 2.82 (VAT 0%) per unit

The National Land Survey’s product and service fees are based on the decrees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as well as the National Land Survey’s payment decision. The decrees and payment decision are published on the Finlex service:

The new prices will be updated on the National Land Survey’s website on 1 January 2021.

Further information

If you need more information on the charges for individual deliveries and services, please contact the National Land Survey’s customer service: 
+358 29 530 1110,

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