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The processing of property registration applications is congested

Property business transactions continue to be brisk and the number of pending title and rights of lease registrations has continued to grow. This has caused congestion in the processing of applications. At present, the processing times for title and rights of lease registrations are 4 months on average and for mortgaging applications 2 months on average from the receipt of the applications.

Please be patient, we will contact you when we start processing your application. Please contact our customer service only in very urgent cases. This will enable our staff to work on the increased demand and solutions as efficiently as possible, both in our customer service and in our property registration solution operations.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the congestion and will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Please read through these tips while you wait for us to contact you

  • Make use of our electronic services and send us all additional information and attachments without delay. Most electronic applications for mortgages and mortgage deeds are resolved immediately.
  • Some documents must be attached as originals. These documents can be submitted by post, and they will be returned to you without delay. Additional information and instructions for registering property ownership.
  • Ensure that transfer tax has been paid and the asset transfer tax return has been submitted. You do not need to submit any separate receipts to the NLS with the application. You can check this information in the MyTax service. Instructions on how to pay transfer tax are available here.

We recommend you to primarily use our electronic services

Service for private customers:

  • View information about your own property and pending registrations.
  • Apply for a title registration or cadastral survey.
  • Order extracts and certificates related to your properties.
  • Send additional information related to a pending application.

Property transaction service:

  • Transfer a property ownership online.
  • Apply for mortgage or transfer of electronic mortgage deed.

Customer service contact information

029 530 1110 (in Finnish and in English)

029 530 1120 (in Swedish)

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