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Receive NLS's invoices no matter where you are

E-invoices are an easy, safe and automatic way to receive NLS’s invoices in your online banking service.

By ordering your invoices as e-invoices, you can pay them whenever you want and wherever you are – on the pier of your summer cottage or on a trip abroad. Banks keep track of e-invoice senders and receivers, which makes the risk of receiving fake invoices insignificant.

Order e-invoices in your own online banking service.

  • Make sure that you have made an e-invoice agreement with your bank first.
  • Your bank’s online service will have a list of invoicers who are able to send e-invoices.
  • Find the National Land Survey of Finland (Maanmittauslaitos) on the list and enter the requested information.

Using e-invoices brings savings for the state, which means it benefits you as a customer and a taxpayer as well. E-invoices are also a climate-friendly choice, since the emissions caused by e-invoicing are only a fraction of those resulting from traditional paper invoices.

Direct payment and messages

If you do not have access to an online banking service, the easiest and safest way to pay invoices is direct payment. Contact your bank to make an agreement on direct payments. With this option, NLS sends your invoice directly to your bank. We send you a notification on the invoice that allows you to check that its correct. Your bank will pay the invoice automatically on the payment date.

Starting from June, NLS will send invoices automatically to the service for customers, who use the service but have not ordered e-invoices from NLS.

More information on the messages service.

More information 

For more information on ordering e-invoices please visit our website  or contact your bank.

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