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Researchers from FGI were measuring gravity in China

Absolute gravimeters were compared at the turn of October and November in an international campaign in Changping, China, at the gravity laboratory of the National Institute of Metrology of China (NIM). Researchers Mirjam Bilker-Koivula and Jyri Näränen represented Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, National Land Survey of Finland (FGI, NLS).

The FGI, NLS has Northern Europe’s only metrological gravimeter, which means that the gravimeter is in national standards laboratory use. The device is so precise, that the only way to calibrate it are the measurement campaigns where gravimeters are measuring in the same place, and the measured gravity values are compared with each other.

Gravimeters are devices used to measure gravity. In the comparison, there were 35 gravimeters from all over the world. International metrological campaigns are arranged once every four years.

The results from China will be announced later, as soon as all the results are calculated and published. During the latest comparisons the gravimeter of the FGI, NLS has ranked very close to the average level of the measurements.

The absolute gravimeter is an instrument that measures the free fall acceleration of gravity in units that are directly traceable to meter and second, and the results are presented in units m/s2.The gravimeter is still on its way back to Finland, where it is also being used in geodynamics research, for example measuring how the gravity field of Finland is changing due to the land uplift.

More information

Senior researcher Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, +358 50 564 1400

Research manager Jyri Näränen, +358 50 435 7258


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